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The semi automatic piston filling machine for paste&liquid horizontal filler machine Abfuellmaschine(full pneumatic) is suitable for filling products of various viscosity such as water injection and ointment etc. It is allpy in such industries as daily chemical industry, pharmacy, food and pesticide etc. The semi-automatic piston type filling machine(full-pneumatic) is a new generation product developed on the basis of the original electric combined machines. It adopts pneumatic components to replace the electric control circuit. Therefore, it is especially suitable for use in damp conditions or conditions with explosion-proof requirements. The part of our LH series products that contact materials are all made of imported 316L stainless steel and are machined through CNC machine tools with the surface roughness lower than 0.8.


The full-pneumatic filling machine can be classified into elaborate type(T type) product and ordinary type(P type) product. The elaborate type adopts Germany FESTO pneumatic components. The imported components of excellent quality has ensured its absolute leading position among other same machines in country. The ordinary type selects pneumatic components from Taiwan or Korea. The good perfomance-price ratio enables more customers to experience the outstanding quality of LH series machines.

Horizontal liquid filling machine fully pneumatic semi automatic liquid filler equipment for shampoo1

The machine for shipping is often packaged with the paper carton,inside which there was filled with the protective foam to ensure the shock-proof function due to the DHL air delivery.

If choosed the bulk shipping,the horizontal filling machine must be packed with the wooden case(fumigation-free packaging).Below is the back parameter of this machine:

Model        Filling Volume       Air consumption   Net weight         Dimensions
NPACK-1-150   150-2000ml           160L/min                  60kg            L1300xW600xH510mm

Horizontal liquid filling machine fully pneumatic semi automatic liquid filler equipment for shampoo2

The horizontal filling machine often is applied for the filling of liquid like shampoo、liquid detergent、lotion and so on.For more information about horizontal filling machine fully pneumatic from 250-2000ml liquid or shampoo,please contact us for more detailed files as well as browse our business website :