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small bottles Perfume bottles liquid filler 5-5000ml


high precision magnetic pump filling machine for small bottles in pharma&medicine&cosmetic آلة ملء السائل Machine de remplissage de liquide
Liquid filler with magnetic pump information:

1.pump and motor use Japanese import brand, timing control uses OMRON,
2. Pump head of the magnetic pump filling machine is made by 316L stainless, with acid
proof,anticorrosive,wildly used and suitable for any kinds of liquid, especially it used for oils,washing liquid ,Acid and Base liquid ,high corrosive fluid.
3. Use inverter operate, keep high filling accuracy.
4. gear pump driven by magnetic.
5.The filling time,can be accurate to 0.01 second, so as to ensure the filling accuracy, the error is less than 2%.
6.The material mouth can be extended,the tubed flap can be moved ,the machine can meet 5ml-2000 ml filling capacity requirements, it not restricted by the filling capacity.
7.You can operate the machine by hand or pedal ,Automatic intermittent filling, intermittent time can be adjusted.
This magnetic pump filling machine is a new-style filling machine adopted high precision Mini magnetic pump, rotate speed and time to measure volume.

small bottles Perfume bottles liquid filler 5-5000ml1

technical parameters of Magnetic Pump Filling Machine for pharmaceutical liquid:
Model NPCK-I
Volt 220V 50/60Hz 40W
Filling range 5ml-500ml
Filling accuracy less than ±0.6%
Size 350×320×190mm
N.T. 23 KG

small bottles Perfume bottles liquid filler 5-5000ml12